In which countries does Grünkraft ship?

We ship our products throughout Europe. Upon request, we deliver our goods to Nepal, just inquire.

How is it ensured that the goods reach me?

All buds are transported from Switzerland, via Luxembourg to the destination country. Shipping via Luxembourg is not only insured, it also guarantees that the goods will reach you.

Why are the shipping costs so high?

Shipping costs are higher due to the longer transport route required by the shipping method via Luxembourg. On the other hand, the products ordered are insured, which is unique in the industry.

When will my order reach me?

Under normal circumstances, you will receive your goods within 10 working days.

Are all the necessary documents included?

In addition to the ordered products, the packages contain the corresponding analysis reports of our accredited laboratories and the invoices. The analysis reports are also attached to each package containing the official customs documents.

shipping costs
250gr – 500gr 135 Euro
500gr – 1kg 200 Euro
1 – 3kg 325 Euro
3 – 5 kg. 400 Euro
5 – 8 Kg. 500 Euro
8 -12 Kg. 620 Euro
Can the goods be seized by customs?
Since the products are legal in Switzerland, customs can not confiscate them. If the goods are withheld despite the border control, Customs would be obliged to return the package to Switzerland.
In which countries are the products legal?

Under European law, our goods are absolutely legal. In some EU countries, however, there are restrictions and own laws. When ordering, we recommend obtaining information about the legal situation from a reputable source such as a lawyer.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we only accept direct transfer as payment.

Will the goods be shipped after receipt of payment?

Please understand that we send the goods only after payment. From the 5th order shipping is also possible on account, but only up to a certain maximum amount.

Can I only order as a registered company?

Since we only work B2B you need a VAT-ID to place an order with us. If you are registering your company and do not yet have a VAT-ID, please contact us by mail or phone. We will then clarify the process with you.

How does the ordering process work?

 After you have completed your order you will receive an email as confirmation. There are listed again all products ordered, as well as the total amount and our bank account. We prepare your products for shipping and send them after receipt of payment. You will then receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail, including tracking number.

Can I also return the products if I disagree with the quality?

Yes, you can return all ordered products or a part of them. Please contact us by e-mail or call us so that we know in which areas we need to improve. You will then receive the full amount by bank transfer.